Readings attend so far (Jan-Apr 10, 2010)

I went to a reading today so I figured now is a good time to write a post on the readings I've been to so far this year...

Poetry Project Annual New Year's Day Marathon Poetry Reading at St Mark's Church, New York, NY - Jan 1, 2010

Jim Behrle and Joseph Torra for The (old?) New Reading Series at Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge, MA - Jan 12

Whit Griffin, Michael Carr and Aaron Tieger for the New Reading Series at the Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge, MA - Jan 22

John Coletti and Jess Mynes for the Unaffiliated Reading Series at The Field, Cambridge, MA - Mar 27

NF Huth and Geof Huth for the Unaffiliated Reading Series at Outpost 186, Cambridge, MA - Apr 10 (today!)

So far, so good. I want to note some of the ones I can remember that I wanted to go to but things like work and life and atrocious weather got in the way: Bernadette Mayer, Annie Finch, both at the Blacksmith House in Cambridge; Andrew Hughes and Kate Schapira, CA Conrad and Frank Sherlock (this Friday) for the Unaffiliated Reading Series; Gina Myers and Josh Harmon, John Mulroney, Bill Corbett for All Small Caps; Conference on Olson, Clark University; Jim Dunn Poetry Reading and Film of John Wieners's last reading presented at the National Park Visitor Center in Lowell, MA; Lewis Robinson (fiction) for Dire Literary Series at the Out of Blue Gallery.

Upcoming is back to the Poetry Project for the James Schuyler event; I am also interested in heading to Providence for one of the many readings held down there. It's not that far of a drive from where I'm situated near 95 and there are a lot of good ones down there. I also hope to attend Dorothea lasky and Dustin William's planned reading for Cambridge this May. Here's hoping!