New York City in April

I'm going to NYC for a two day/ two night vacation. I'm going by myself, even! The last thing I'm doing, leaving the bus terminal at 3 AM on my own in Times Square, is a little sketch, I will admit, but Forest Hills on my own at close to 2 AM can't be too much different, right? (Right?)

So far, I have plans to go to the Poetry Project to a "celebration of" James Schuyler's newly released UNcollected Poems "Other Flowers". That's at 8 PM on Wednesday, hence the early morning departure of Thursday.

I'll arrive at 11:30 on Tuesday. My Tuesday plans include the New York Public Library, the Met, the Natural History Museum and a Mets vs Cubs game at the new Citi park. (My 7th MLB ballpark visit.) Wednesday is the MoMA, Empire State Building (cheesy? I don't care!), more exploring of the Village and the Poetry Project event, then home again.

I've never gone on vacation by myself, but I am for this trip. My friend Florine couldn't make it that time (we went to NYC on New Year's this year), so I just decided I'd do it solo. Here's hoping it's as fun as I'm thinking it will be...

Got any favorite spots?