Lorine Niedecker and Reznikoff

I'm reading a giant biography about Zukosky, so naturally I am drawn to articles about Objectivists. This one, in Jacket, is about the lack of Zukofskyness in the connection between Lorine and Rez. (Lorine, as if we are BBFs. Whatevs...)


I'm also trying to find out what religious affiliation Niedecker was. I can't find anything in quick google search bios. I think there might be mention in an article that's available on JSTOR but I don't have JSTOR access. Ah well.

The reason why I was wondering is because I've noticed the "groups" or writers I like fall into, most often, one of these three categories:

-Catholics (John Wieners, Rimbaud, many many contemporaries, esp around here in Boston)
-Jews (many many contemporaries, Zukofsky, someone else but I can't remember who because of my 2nd freaking head cold in a month's time, darn those 3rd graders)
-poor, or relatively poor, white rural Protestant women (Emily, Lorine, Jane)

There you go.