I Spy an Obsession

I'm addicted to spy shows. Seriously. Right now, on the right side of my computer screen, while I type this on the left side, I am streaming episode 8 of MI5's season 2. (MI5 is also known as 'Spooks" on the BBC in England.

I love Chuck on NBC, too. The geek-turned-government agent is a theme I tend to like (perhaps because I think, "That's me! I could go from wimpy librarian to bad guy getter overnight, too!" and so do a bunch of other geeks, that's why the ratings are adequate to good for these type of shows...)

And, though he's not a spy, I do love following Charlie Eppes the mathematical genius help his FBI agent brother solve cases uses some complex yet interesting equation.

I do have an old copy of a 007 book that I should take a look at. I'm sure I'd enjoy it. But often times when it comes to mysteries, crime novels and spy novels, I tend to like the movie, miniseries or television series more.
UPDATE: I forgot to add "Burn Notice" to the list. Good times for certain!