Duncan Time

Reading through "Opneing of the Field" and also hit up what I could get of "Groundwork" from Google books (there was a brief, disparaging mention of it in a Ron Silliman blog post about the Collected Larry Eigner just now; I happened to come across the blog post while I had OotF out at the desk, so I read some on Google books, not having a copy myself, since it is not possible to own everything, you see...)

Anyway, so I like to copy Duncan's poems down in my own hand. On the day Obama accepted his nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate, I copied out "Poem Beginning with a Line by Pindar". It became a weird choice when I got to that "Hoover, Coolidge, Harding, Wilson...Whitman's love for Lincoln!" part. Very meta, because it was a poet rewriting the words of a poet talking about a poet's love for a president all while watching the next president of the US at his historic national convention. (Side note: I am neither surprised nor disappointed with the concessions made by Obama of late. I wouldn't make them as president, but that's exactly why I'd never become president, you see. That and all the partying I did in my youth...)

While I was copying from "Groundwork" I wondered over to the opposite blank page and wrote:

"...when I was little and stared out the window at inappropriate times I think I was thinking Robert Duncan poems, the scenes he set forth and the mood he evoked. Being weird is awesome..."