What the Bleep Do We Know and poetry & art-at-large

Have you seen that movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" Part movie, part documentary, altogether quirky but no less thought provoking film starring Marley Matalin and a bunch of quantum physicists.

At one section, one science-y type fella is talking about the significance of the Observer. To summariz: How every possibility exists until it is observed, then that one exists. Therefore, the observer is the crux to being. But what or who is the observer? That we don't know.

That got me thinking about the role of the artist as observer: the possibility that everything is happening at once and observation is the act of being - the observer. The poet is an observer of what is there and what is possible. Better, the Artist (excompassing all forms) of what is there and possible.

I wrote in my marble notebook (my hard copy of this blog, essentially. Less polished, porbably more fun as a result but far more private indeed!).

I love it when science and poetry or math and poetry come together this way.