Sense and Sensibility, round 2

Just about to finish my second reading of Sense and Sensibility. Actually, Edwards just arrived to Barton Cottage after Thomas the servant declared he saw Mr Ferrars and the new Mrs Ferrars in Exeter, so I know the thing's about to wrap up. I hate when the Jane Austen book comes to an end, so I put it down to write this.

At my best, I'm an Elinor and at my worst, I'm a Marianne and I think we all need to have a bit of both in us to make us whole people. Like a devil and angel on our shoulders, but instead an Elinor and a Marianne telling us how to deal with situations.

I read it this time for insights into the characters, which is why I'm talking so much about the two main characters. That's what's great about Austen. First time reading is to get the plot. Next rounds can be for a study on how she is the Queen of Concision--how to turn phrases and massage words in order to get the maximum effect from sparse use. (So many things can happen on one Jane Austen page. A less talented writer would take 10 pages to do what she does in one.) Or gain insights into human behavior, sociology, psychology by exploring her characters and thinking of them relative to one's current circumstances. There's the study of Regency manners and ways, the historical aspect. And on etc.

So, now it's 8 PM, time for American Idol. A good way to further delay Edward's arrival at Barton Cottage and the impending end of the novel...hahahaha.