New Writing Series I've attended to date

The New Writing Series is the reading series held at my dear alma mater, University of Maine. It was started in 1999, my formative junior year (also the year I began taking creative writing classes) by series curator and English professor, Steve Evans. (Who is really really swell, I tell yah.)

Here are the events, to date, that I have been fortunate enough to attend throughout the years:

Ted Enslin - Feb 16 2000 (also visited my poetry writing class)
Amiri Baraka - Feb 29 2000
Michael Gizzi and Clark Coolidge - April 17 2000 (followed by a fun cocktail party at Steve & Jen's. Joe Basler was my "date". He wore a samurai style ponytail and a cropped fur jacket. So awesome.)
Robert Creeley - April 18 2000 (I just fond my notes from this reading. At one point, Creeley stopped after finishing a poem of his and said, "Damn that's good.")

(I can't remember if I made it to any of the Fall 2000 events; was working 2 jobs and student teaching at the time)

Kristin Prevallet & Daniel Bouchard - Feb 08 2001 (I do and don't remember this...)
Lee Ann Brown - Feb 20 2001 (The minister's wife is a...)
Robert Creeley - Mar 01 2001 (Such a long story goes along with this visit of Creeley's. One involving my parents in an epic fight, a poem I wrote and some funny advice Robert Creeley was able to give me about Life as Poet...)
Sylvester Pollet & Robert Fitterman - Mar 06 2001 (Jennifer Moxley introduced Sylvester and I still have the copy she gave me of the introduction. I asked her for it because I thought it was so great. Sylvester was one of the best teachers I ever had and I miss him greatly.)
Bernadette Mayer - Mar 29 2001 (Changed my life.)
Constance Hunting and Jennifer Moxley - April 19 2001 (Constance was a great teacher, too. I never had her, but all of my friends that did loved her. UMaine has lost a great deal of super faculty members in the 2000s, sadly.)
Kevin Davies - April 26 2001 (A multimedia event!)


Grady Award Winners - Feb 16 2006 (see article)
Carla Harryman - Feb 23 2006 (article)
Pierre Joris - April 6 2006 (video posted previously, see label: pierre joris)
Mary Caponegro - April 20 2006 (I thought I wrote an article about this visit fromt he experimental fiction writer, but I can't find it. Will repost if/when I do)
Juliette Valery & Emmanuel Hocquard - April 27 2006 (see previous post)

Well, then. Wasn't I one lucky little sh*t? I had no idea that my poetry reading exposure in college was so special. I thought every campus had these fantastic exciting writers coming to visit. Ha! It was only later, while telling others about my college experience, did I realize how fortunate I was.