Joel Fuhrman's Nutritarian Pyramid

I saw this, or something like this at Whole Foods today. Except for the lack of cheese allowances (I haz a sad), I can dig this pyramid. Dr Fuhrman's also pretty disgusted by the silly USDA pyramid.
I have a collection of unreliable resources and this website is one of them:

It's a spoof of the USDA pyramid. Where the USDA says to have 6-10 of grain, making 4-6 of them whole grains, the "U S Dept of Agribusiness" site flips that and recommends "make half yoour grains processed" etc etc.

The trouble with Dr Fuhrman's pyramid is the lack of oil -- there's so much to say for "good fats" within the Mediterranean Diet. They make you feel satiated. And you need a little bit of fat to go with your nutritient rich food so your body can absorb the nutrients better. As this Scientific American Frontiers episode I referenced previously stated, having some good fat is good for the hunger signals in the brain; they get satisfied.

What everyone agrees on is the fact that legumes, veggies and fruit and really swell things for being healthy.