Echinacea Oatstraw Tea - cope with a cold

I have a cold. It's been just two weeks since I got over the last one. I think I pushed myself too much with the last one, not taking any time off until I was too sick to think. This time, I took today off after progressively getting worse. This week is a short week at the school, regular week at the college and the store is close for Easter, so it's a low key one.

Today and yesterday I've been drinking a tasty and helpful tea. One echinacea & goldeseal pill, opened and the powder used for tea (as it suggests to do in the directions) with 2 tsp of pure Maine honey (so good; hint of orange not too sweet--yum!) and oatstraw tea in 3/4 steaming hot tea pot. Nice and hot, it helps with the cold, the cough, the sore throat and is a diuretic (pee out all the bad germs?).

Just a suggestion. Doesn't cure a common cold (nothing does!) but helps with the symptoms of it.