Change in Regimen

Instead of working 30 to 35 hours a week, I'm now working 45-55 hours a week. I have a third job. This is good because I can finally make up for all that was lost while underemployed.

This means a change in my daily regimen though, for certain. Breakfast is at quarter to 6, lunch at 1, dinner at 4 and another light meal, supper at 10 or so...

So, how do I stick with the tenets of a Mediterranean Diet with such a hectic schedule? A few things. I keep up my vitamin and supplement regimen by getting it ready at night before bed. I eat a simple breakfast of oatmeal or toast, orange or grapefruit juice and coffee with honey and soy milk. I set aside a water, granola bar, V8 juice, pretzels or triscuits, banana or apple or apple sauce or raisins, and some kind of nuts - almonds, cashew, mixed, etc - along with a piece of dark chocolate for snack and lunch.

For dinner, whenever I have a free night, I make sure to make extra of whatever I'm having and put that in the fridge for the nights that I have to work. In the case that I don't have something, or don't want what I have but don't have time to make anything, I know what the smart food choices are at the "fast food" places near where I work. Example: mint tea and spinach and tomato egg white wheat wrap at Starbucks. Or orange juice and veggie burger at Burger King (with the splurge of french fries, obv.).

When I come home, it's usually a snack of carrots and hummus, triscuits and cheese, olives and tea with the occasional cookie serving (3) and glass of wine or beer.

So far, it's working out well. The only trouble is getting enough exercise, however, the day time job keeps me constantly active, so I'm not going to worry too much about that for now. Especially considering I have lost another 4 pounds from my big holiday drop, which is great.

The daily reports might dwindle significantly because of the busy schedule but I'll continue to post recipes, health and wellness related things and whatever else I come across that I think might belong here.

Here's to a decent income during the recession!