Article about CA Conrad

There's a feature article about CA Conrad in Philadephia Weekly. I'm in the beginning of reading but wanted to stop and post (ha ha at first I typed "poet") the link:

And this lovely quote describing CA's work: "elegantly bizarre knots of award-winning poetry"

I also have to add right now while I'm thinking of it that I think CA is one of the most generous poets out there. He's friendly and easy to talk to, passionate and fun and funny and a very special entity unto himself, as they say. In the photo in the link he has red nail polish. He has a magnificently purple shirt I've seen him in (I think at NY Day at St Mark's) and both times I've talked to him, he's had fleck of glitter on his face somehow, somewhere.

There is only one CA, but the world could use a few more...conundrum. In the meantime, we can all just admire his independent & kind spirit and thinking and emulate what we can of it.