2 sonnet-ish things

magic inverse orange blue the chimes, the flap, the whoosh
everything flits falls into strings loose and soft and long
dependent on breath nostril eye a stream past the teeth
inside of blankets of moments floating home
our gentle gait a lonely thing to chew, moist
cello mellow bellows an elephant ear touch and whisper
rhyming black , adagio regal purple, full measure rests
eagle feathers and goat milk, a misty sky, a smoky ending
grain like silk through cupped scooping hands in a barrel
indifferent calm all disturbances absorbed into a balm
reading the steady low beats a white emanating
devastating chitter chitter, it melts, folds, into
everyone everything everwhere becomes all radiance
removes aches, fosters belief in ways upward outward forward

each long route we take along this ship ride
fall fade resist know salvation from absence
father sister cousin doctor lawyer maid broken mind carry on
oppose the rope alone throw stone lose you
find the watch tick tick cough wheeze
fiddle away all love for something cozier, safer
he puts his pants down to his knees, says
earth dream sky push my button standing
any fool can box a shadow, but who can pick a tune
disappearing, no, just becoming invisible, she's still there
carpets a fill beep to see hands flying think cool water
okay who knows how to walk nicely in line
let the pus burst out after slamming, muffle the voice with a sock
died tried hired hop skip jump roam punctuate.