Internet Poetry Mix Tape for 1-18-10

Ev'ry once in a while I look to find poems from poets online, gather them in one document on MS Word and make what I call a internet poetry mix tape. I've done a bunch and wrote about it once (here). Today's mix tape is composed of four contemporary poets, two of whom I've recently seen read and purchased books of theirs, CA Conrad and Jim Behrle, and two others I didn't know as well but have heard of so I gathered what I could of theirs from the interwebs, Frank Sherlock and Thom Donovan. The result is a 30-odd paged booklet. For me, it's hard to really fully process a poem I read only on the computer screen. I have to print it out and hold it in my hands to get it. I have to have the ability to literally lie down with it to understand it fully, whether lounging on the couch or reading before bed. These mix tapes are usually the perfect size for me to read through once and then have the time to go back through to the ones that grabbed my attention most. A good little sampling. Plus I find a lot of other interesting sites to bookmark during my search for the online poems, too.