Readings I Have Been To This Year

Just for the fun of it, because I've made it to a lot lately, I would like to post a list of the readings I've been to this year:

1. Rich Murphy (Extra Note: I went to Rich's reading on behalf of my friend Tigh, Rich's former student; a proxy and a happy one at that) at the Out of the Blue Gallery, Cambridge - Fri, Mar 6

2. Keith Waldrop and Jane Unrue at the Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge - Sat, Mar 21
Reconfiguring Romanticism: Readings from Poems for the Millennium, vol 3 at Barker Center, Harvard - Mon, Mar 30

3. Dana Ward and Corina Copp for the Unaffliated Reading Series at Outpost 186, Cambridge - Sat, Apr 25

4. Guillermo Parra & Truck Darling (Jeni Olin) for the Unaffiliated Reading Series, Outpost 186, Cambridge - Sat, Aug 8

5. Bill Berkson at the Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge - Fri, Oct 16

6. CA Conrad and Susie Timmons for the All Small Caps Reading series, Wendell, MA - Mon, Oct 26

7. Jim Dunn and Garrit Lansing at the Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge - Fri, Oct 30

8. Aaron Tieger, Kevin Bowen, Margo Lockwood and Taylor Stoehr for the 10th anniversary of Pressed Wafer, Plough and Stars, Cambridge - Sat, Nov 21

9. Joseph Massey and Claire Donato for All Small Caps, Wendell, MA - Mon, Nov 30

Nine so far. And I am hoping to make Fanny Howe's reading at Blacksmith House next Monday my 10th reading. It's been a good year and I'm so lucky to live here in Boston where all this neato schtuff is happenin'