New books: British Myth, chaps, poetry

Some truly new and simply new-to-me books have been added to my personal library or borrowed from a regular library:

1) Robin Hood adapted by Maurice Lapman - This is my third Robin Hood book. Can't get enough of this myth for some reson.

2) In Praise of Doubt: fifteen poems by Bertolt Brecht, translated by Taylor Stoehr from Pressed Wafer

3) Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur rendition by Keith Baines - it's a very plain and basic version, mostly just getting through the plot so that high schoolers can grasp the gist. I've never read anything officially old and literary in the way of Malory's Arthurian literature, so I wanted to start with this base.

4) Look Great Live Green by Deborah Burns - I received this book for free as part of Library Thing's "Early Reviewer" program. I haven't had a chance to sit down with it yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

5) Fear of Dreaming: the selected poems of Jim Carroll - Carroll passed away recently and the Poetry Project Newsletter had a long feature on him. After I read the features, I went to Pazzo Books to see what they had of Carroll's. No "Basketball Diaries" like I thought they might, but they had this one. Lucky me!

6) Succubus Blues by Jim Behrle - chap book from Editions Louis Wain; gorgeous cover and a real page turner on the inside