my trip down fiction lane - Raymond Chandler

I've been throwing more of my reading time towards some fiction reading: Raymond Chandler's "The Long Goodbye". It's set in 1950s Hollywood and it's a real humdinger, I tell yah. I have to admit, when i first started out with hit, I liked it but I wasn't furiously turning pages and covering several chapters a day. That came about half way through. But I see now why every fiction writer in the world, it seems, recommends Chandler.

I have been reading it on slow nights at the store and several customers a night will rave about it. "'atsa good book, iddinit?" someone said on Tuesday.

Yes. Except it's funny to read at a liquor store (one of my part-time jobs) since every other character in it is an alcoholic. They also talk about gimlets a lot so I found myself buying some Rose's Lime.

But the deliberate, slow, entrancing plot development really hooks you once you get through the blips and bloops of plottiness in the beginning. What's amazing is how many characters are involved int his mystery and I am beginning to see how they all might tie into everything, but that's quite a bit to keep track of!

And how has it helped me as a writer, mainly of poetry, to read Raymond Chandler? Nothing I can name specifically right now, but just like art and music and film and documnetaries on PBS all seem to find a way to influence and inspires (and heck, even NFL Sundays!) I'm sure this will as well.