Kahn Chowdah Recipe - AKA Corn Chowder Recipe

Recipe: "Kahn Chowdah", which is merely Corn Chowder made in New England

Yeah, this is super simple, half fresh, half not corn chowder recipe.

1 qt water
1 boullion cube (or you can have a quart of broth and skip water and boullion)
1 qt milk
1 bunch fresh parsley (chopped makes about 2 heaping tbs)
1 can of whole corn
1 chopped med onion
1 diced large potato (make them approx. 1/2 in squares so they cook faster)
1 heaping tsp dill weed
sprinkle of paprika & hot sauce
salt & pepper

In a large pot, add everything except the milk. Stir well and bring to a boil. Turn to med high heat and simmer about 10 minutes. Turn heat to med low. Stir again and let sit for about 5 minutes then add the milk. Stir and simmer 20-30 until potatoes are tender. Serve & enjoy.

Possible garnishes: fake bacon, real bacon, smoked paprika, shredded sharp cheddar, hot sauce