-just because-

Meh. I haven't had the Writning Bug come 'round since the start of the holiday hubbub. But I still want to write, even if it's shit. Here's some:

crayon red, green & blue butterflies
this one is 12 years old and
so and so says so
I didn't freak out I
went with the grotesque
played along while I decided
to control the flow
the blast is the worst
the bar collected sacred objects
empowered to mask pillows
with gifts and hard vulnerbale responses
beinch in the union
party the best store to tend
the wonder response
regardless of the ghost
humbly made memories
cries success like a girl
the danger fantasy
pantless guy sub
girl when wait rebroadcasts
ballet traditions lither
ised movement syhtesized
to creamy hands stomachs
invisible girl shimmers from the rope
abducted hear inthe enclave
sycamore lined big pictures
front a figure veiling a stick
robed slowly for humble clicks
out of no where pathetic fundamental
cowboys, princesses and captors never said
anything to cross
the most saught after eccentric
scorned and pitited and looked away from
wends onto the floor the corner
covered in black, a small black
here and there shame
the bohemians use
this weakness against each other
ferrel costumes silly
dichotomous starving wormwood
sloshed and standing
in the kitchen amber unseen
it smarts the party
magical invisible monster
jumping fruitlessly
sinsiter duping of obvious thoughts
up in the mountains
with wooden Jesus
think about that moment
mythic innocence carries
distinctive expressive eyes
banked naturally
clashing with the guy
snows-in the possible
rains out the im