New Books - Caterpillar 7, Paul Klee and even Anne Sexton

New books!

Took a trip to Pazzo as part of this mid week day off. I picked up a few titles...

- Caterpillar 7 Vol II #2: very provocative cover in purple and green, a grid of turn you head sideways picture of what is maybe? perhaps? could be? body parts or bodies in the act of conjugation or just something to make it look that way...Don't know. Inside is Chapter 4 of Robert Duncan's book about HD, poems from Paul Blackburn, Cid Corman, Garrit Lansing and Jess - no artowrk, but two poems, one with some sheet music in it, even - Ted Enlsin and Allen Ginsberg among others. What a fun find!

- a $3 mixed b & w and color book on the art of Paul Klee

-Selected Poem of Anne Sexton because my friend Pete and I got in a fight about poetry. He called the Beats the disco of poetry and asked how I could call myself a feminist and not like Sylvia Plath. I said the Confessional poets didn't really do it for me because it was too much about the drama and not enough about the whole art of poetry. Anyway, to be a sport, and because she's appreciated by others whom I like quite a bit, I got the Anne Sexton books. It's good to have a rounded out collection, I think. Heavy on what you love, smatterings of others, just to keep yourself in check, I say.