moon of true love - 11/18

moon of true love

hesitation resides stuck within the
gut this sedentia fills the milk
of the budding --- stopped from
hindering of mutation paralytic
falling behind zigzagging bricks of
bricks of isolation electric blue
flashed past the door then back
again away not entering
right now

anger thumbs the temples, the button,
thrashes, swells, exhausts, fills, empties

murky green, morose organs,
idle by, placing in the way the disgust
of failure, of delay, of absence

nothing teal + gold, no future of amethyst +
white, looms in this carotene routine of oscillation
affection gestation tion shun

perceiving, timing, guts, a woman
cursed me when I was unborn a woman who claimed she was a
witch. She said I would die before birth. I did not
sometimes I think she meant I would not live life like--
live life like - - life life like
some planned way, just always almost but almost still