"Whoopie!!!" for Keith Waldrop

Hey look at that, what a neato thing. Keith Waldrop won the National Book Award for Poetry! Yay! For his book "Transcendental Studies."


And lucky me, I saw him read twice last March, and blogged about him reading his Baudelaire translations, including a poem with the phrase "make whoopie" in it, at the "Reconfiguring Romanticism" reading at Harvard. (Hence the title of this post.) I also told him that it was the second time I'd seen him read in a month and so I was turning into a groupie...Just kidding!! (Keith Waldrop was born in 1932 and is also married, to another neato poet Rosemarie Waldrop, so that's why such a thing is funny to say; at least in my head.)

More info:

Pierre Joris has some slections from the book on his post about the award: