Exercising while cashiering

Here's a good link with a nice list of ideas:


Highlights and my own additions include:

-standing on toes for a length of time
-standing on toes and stepping up and down
-standing on toes and slightly moving up and down
-streching calves by putting foot against counter, back and forth with feet
-squatting and holding steady in the position with perfect posture
-practicing perfect posture
-holding on to counter and leaning back to strech back
-twisting arms around in each other do some deep breaths then switch arms
-twisting slowly from side to side with arms holding edge of counter
-taking short walks to do as many little things as possible

There. I'm doing okay on the scales. I think between being active and eating better, that helps. Yesterday was alright for the amount of time I was not at home to fix good food but coudl have been better. See next post...