Oh Lordy - my high school poetry

I'm at Mom's and went through the box under my old bed that has all my old writing: notebooks, journals and, eep, my poetry portfolio from senior year creative writing class. It's not as bad as I thought it might be, which is nice. Here's a haiku that I don't mind re-typing to share:

Earth intertwining
a light of white shining through
Born unto the world

and I put a sun and a sunflower sticker on it. "Unto" has to be the most pretentious preposition in the wide world

Here is another poem, one that is of the more embarrasing kind:

Another life ago
I was the girl with red hair
She and I played for the Queen
Our songs of joy and sorrow
(and she was quite impressed)
She was the hand and I was the mouth

This time, she is out there
(quite far, I must admit)
Today she is known to thte world
I am a quiet mouth
she is a loud hand

Bach we were
A slave, in our sorrow
And Indian from America
And a Queen geek

I love my ways
I love hers too
We have similar ways
Some out of admiration
Some out of oddness

So today I feel a closeness
To the girl I never met
Because we were each other
In another life.

Damn, that's mortifying. Did you see how I wrote "sorrow" twice? Sweet Jesus.