new supplement added to my daily regime

Since I'd read and heard about it here and there, and since there was a buy one get one deal at the store, I just added the red wine extract Resveratrol to my (ever growing) list of daily vitamins and supplments.

The supplement is made from grape skin and has the same health benefits that wine has, without the alcohol. As my stomach is still a bit iffy about all alcohol, and as this packs something like 100 times the "health" power of a glass of wine, I decided it'd be a good option. It's only been two weeks, so there isn't going to be any signs of it "working" right away.

Suspected benefits for Reveratrol are anti-aging, help in weight loss and anti-oxidant help to fight off cancers. Just googling the terms gets all manner of promotional website results, so instead, I opted to learn more about it by searching at (the newly reconstructed!)

Here is the result page:

When the bottle is empty, I'll let you know!