New Books from Gulf of Maine Books in Brunswick, Maine

Pleistocene Man, Charles Olson
Trip Trap, Kerouac, Saijo, Welch
Form Near the Great Pine, Ted Enslin
A Seneca Journal, Jerome Rothenberg
Homer's Art No 9, Alice Notley
Jack Spicer's Detective Novel The Tower of Babel
Oppen Selected Poems
Towers Down, Diane diPrima, Clive Matson
Copy Book Entries, Robert Duncan
John Wieners Selected Poems
A Bacus Robert Duncan: The Ambassador from Venus, Lisa Jarnot
In On or About the Premises, Paul Blackburn - but that was from my friend Liz
Subject Matter, Baron Wormser - he was my fav grad school teacher
Entering the Walking Stick Business, Sylvester Pollet - who was my poetry teacher at UMaine and died a month after my dad; I never thought I'd find this book anywhere!

So far I've completely read through Sylvester's book, which I love. I've also finished the excerpt from Lisa Jarnot's Duncan biography. She mentions how much Duncan loved Frank L Baum's Wizard of Oz boooks. Ever since I picked up "Fictive Certainties" for the first time last year after finishing my 3rd re-read of the Harry Potters, I've always wondered what dear Duncan would have thought of them. I don't know why it matters to me whether he would've liked them or not; maybe because I love him and I love them and you want your loves to love each other in the literary sense, so to speak. Ah well. I'll never know for certain, but it's still fun to think about. Chapters 10 and 11 gave me some more clues that point to the direction of "yes".