'don't let that stuff interfere with your writing'

Alotta people have poet-crushes on John Coletti, it seems to me, which is nice to see, such love and all that. This comes from that article that I linked in a previous post. I think it can just be applied to all poetry ever, anywhere. And as I embark upon my first post-school book-making adventure, it's probably the most important thing to keep in mind:

All this rubbish talk gets thrown around categorizing poetry into School of Quietitude, Flarf, post-Language, other what-have-yous and none of it gets anywhere. Poetry isn’t so different than anything else, it’s politics baby. Who you know and how you know them gets your foot in the door. And like all other fields of life it doesn’t necessarily have to be negative. The important thing is that none of that shit enters into the poem or interferes with getting to the poem. What is wanted remains a first hand accounting of what’s there— whether that “there” is interior, exterior, anterior, or whatever the point is to give the whole thing up in the process of discovering just where you is.