Creeley essay in Jacket

Well, hey, look at this! It's a Black Mountain College-affiliated bonzanza of posts today! Because here I am about to tell you about this essay about Robert Creeley by good ol' c.rizzo in the #37 issue of Jacket.

I read it on the plane ride back to Boston from Phoenix. Some of it was rather LOL, to use a term I totally loathe. So when I did LOL on the plane, I got funny looks.

The other funny story is the guy next to me was clearly an information technology guy because I peaked at the magazine articles he was reading. I also saw he had equations scribbled on the drinks napkin we got with our drinks. So, I asked him if he knew who Norbert Wiener was and, of course, he did. I went on to explain that I was just reading about him and Information Theory as it related to writing according to Charles Olson in the essay I was reading, and he was completely floored. Then I showed him my equations, because I made some as I was reading along.

Something like... TIME [(event) + (event) + (event)] = MESSAGE - or - TIME [(event+event+event)]=MESSAGE.

He was baffled - but definitely pleased - by the idea that something he studied for his engineering class would be applied to writing.

So, you just have to go read this essay yourself if you want to understand the relevance of anything I said above. I'm not giving anything away to you, LazyPants Blog Reader. J/K! It's just that Chris does such a good job, why reinvent the wheel?

Instead I just wanted to share anecdotes and equations...