Observations during BBC's Pride and Prejudice

Just some thoughts during my millionth viewing of BBC's miniseries production of "Pride and Prejudice" starring my husband, Colin Firth.

**How does Colin Firth look older in this than he does now, it seems? I think his face is thinner now-a-days and that's why.

**The Jane actress is not as pretty as Jennifer Erhle, not even close. But maybe if she didn't have to have parted-down-the-middle curlequed bangs she'd look better? Ohm you know what, yes. I remember seeing a nice photo of her--yes, here. The Google image results.

**And Mary - are we to suppose that she has autism, though somewhere early on the spectrum?

**I still just love how Caroline Bingley later played the treacherous fiance of Colin Firth in "What a Girl Wants".

**Oh, and look, there's Maria Lucas, AKA the girl from the British "Office" AKA the woman who was the TV gf of shortlived real life bf from my youth.

Fun times!