Grove Press on NPR (repost from main blog)

Right now, I'm listening to a story on NPR about Grove Press.

So weird, sometimes, how things come up over and over again. I swear I've read something about or heard mention of or realized a favorite book was published by Grove Press every week for the past month.

Isn't that weird? First time around it was Joe LeSeuer mentioning Joan Mitchell in "Digressions on Some Poems by Frank O'Hara", which I have been dabbling with since November. So, I went to Old Reliable (notsomuch) Wikipedia to read up on Mitchell. Her entry mentions that she married Barney Ross, the former owner of Grove Press.

Grove Press published lotsa Henry Miller books. I have inherited a great number of Henry Miller books from my Uncle Dominic's library, which is why, when I read of "Grove Press" on the wikithingy I thought, "Where have I heard that?"

However, it turns out that my Ex-Dead-Gay-Poet-Boyfriend, Robert Duncan (recently dumped for John Wieners; I'm such a regionalist, for someone who's allegedly so unfond of the South Shore!) was also published by Grove Press, including my beloved The Opening of the Field.

And now the story on NPR about Barney Rosset, promoting his new biogrpahy "The Subject is Left-Handed". Funny little thing, that is.