Good vs Bad Fat - p3 - The Four Fats

The Four Fats - part 3

Polyunsaturated fat - your body likes this clump type because it has so many ways to go at it and process it and convert it into energy. EXAMPLE - seeds, nuts, fish, whole wheat (hmmm...sound familiar? like the essence of the Mediterranean Diet, maybe?), soybean oil, corn oil

Monounsaturated fat - Go ahead and let some of your fat come in this form. But not a lot if it. EXAMPLE - olive oil, other vegetable and seed oils, avacado

Saturated fat - This is the kind of fat that leads to cottage cheese thighs and an awesome tire ring protruding from your too-tight jeans - not to mention heart problems. Having huge amounts of this is very bad. What you need to look at are the other nutritional benefits of what you're eat if it contains saturated fat. I have a little bit of cheese, which contains sat fat, because it helps vary my vegetarian diet, it tastes damn good, and it's a source of protein and calcium for me. But when I write "cheese" in my pyramid every day, I mean 1/2 to 2 oz, tops. Same with chocolate; I only have a smattering. The thing about sat fats is that they makes us feel satiated more than the other, healthy fats. So having a little can help with curbing your appetite, so long as you consume them in moderation...

Trans fat - is now illegal in many states and cities, like narcotics and tobacco for minors, so you can imagine how good it is for you...the worst is how good they taste though. Pastries, crusts, fast food, french fries, and - oh - the fried pickles... But, alas, they are really really really, like REALLY, bad for you. Sad, I know. So, do your best to avoid them.

The American Heart Association has a cutesy little web feature of four siblings: Poly, Mon, Sat & Trans to help you learn more about all the fats. Meet the Fats at:

Just so you know, Sat and Trans are "heart breakers"; the bad boys, if you will.

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