Fried Brain and what to do about it

I tried writing today, since I haven't been writing at all lately. It's not coming. I did a lot of doodling and some smatterings of very stupid words. Why does that happen, that thing where you're completely out of the "the zone"? I couldn't even concentrate to READ anything substantial today. I haven't been feeling well yesterday and today. Have a mushy brain as a result.

Also, I can't find my copy of Daisy Miller, to finish it. This is annoying. So I've been sifting through the gigantic pile of half read or non read books to read. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight's most current translation by Simon Armitage was one thing I picked up. I am about 30 pages in. I like his "hip" translation. And I remembered hearing an interview with him about the book when it first came out, so I re-listened to that, when my mushy brain wouldn't allow me to read any further (well, I'd read but not digest the words).

I hate days like this that are lost to being sick but try not to get too hard on myself about what didn't get down while feeling ill. What did get done is the Topsy Turvy planter got the rest of it filled with potting soil, the new beads for making necklaces got sorted, some more necklaces got repaired or strung or remade and I watching a History Channel series on the Crusades, which goes along with my Sir Gawain reading, sort of, so there. Oh, and I played on Facebook. Because we all know how little brain power that Land of Lotus Eaters takes...