Benchmark Met Today

Hopped on the scale and am now below a certain weight (that I'm not going to broadcast on my blog). This is a big big big thing since I haven't gone down this low since 2004, when I was working out in my friend Sadie's garage-turned-gym every other day.


So, now I'm down 26 pounds. That's another benchmark, to get past 25 pounds lost. How did I do it? Well, I think the big thing is not drinking. I mean, last night, my friends had about 4 drinks each and I had lots and lots of water. If every time I go out or have a meal with friends at someone's house or whatever, I don't have those calories and instead have water, that's a lot of weight loss.

Each beer I would drink, usually a Sam Adams or other good brew like that, is 160 calories. Having 2-4 per event, that's 640 calories. Then the generous glasses of wine which are 100-160 calories (4 oz is normal amount, 8 oz is when you're at home and pour it for yourself), that's 100-300 calories. So that's that with that. Down over 25 pounds!