reading through FDM criticism

I'm reading through criticism on "The Flowers of Evil" because I'm revisiting the Symbolists again (just like I revisited other poetry that I liked before school began). I think this quote about the poems will help me:

But to emphasize the indulgent physicality of Les Fleurs du Mal is not to suggest that this is a poetry which is only skin-deep. On the contrary, no poet has delved in greater depth into the extremism of the human passions: to uncover the obsessions, the treacherous undercurrents, the destructive deviations, the sophisticated compromises. No poet has refined more courageously the study of the psyche: partly through the fluctuating moods of drugs in a kind of connaissance par les gouffres, but essentially through the more versatile self-exploration of poetry, probing the ambiguities, confronting the censored and the half-confessed, bringing to light the hidden layers, the threatened frontiers and the points of conflict.

~Peter Broome, "Baudelaire's Poetic Patterns: The Secret Language of Les Fleurs Du Mal"

Will probably have more to say later. But don't quote me on that.