Old Friends & Health - Blue Zones & Secrets to Longevity

This article from the Alberta Lea Tribune has more information about "Blue Zones", areas of the world where life-expectancy rates are very high, including Okinawa. In Okinawa

...when Okinawans are 5, their parents match them with a handful of other 5-year-old children, he said. That group meets together often and travels through life together. They are there for the good times and the bad.

Well, this news bodes well for me! Let's see, there's Erin, Kara, Danielle, Danielle, Vanessa & Sue, all of whom I've known since elementary school, then there's Alicia & roomie Rene from junior high, and I talk to all of them daily. Not mention the sometimers from elementary school, Adam L, Adam S, Keri D, & Matt M along with the sometimers of junior high Sandy, OB, Mike, Melody, Jim...Ha! Look at that!

Thanks to things like email and Facebook, I, too, am going through life with the same group, meeting together often-to-occasionally and we're there for the good times and bad! Ha!

I can see how that could benefit your health. It's like having a second family, only you can be more chatty with your "friend family" and having someone to vent to, as well as having along shraed history of happy moments, is a great thing.

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