Objectivism quote

I feel like I'm being this Wallandar detective I'm watching on Masterpiece Mystery! right now. Reading about Niedecker during the day has lead me to the Objectivist article on Wikipedia. An excerpt:

The issue also contained Zukofsky's essays "Program: 'Objectivists' 1931" and "Sincerity and Objectification: With Special Reference to the Work of Charles Reznikoff", a reworking of a study of Reznikoff's work originally written some time earlier. In this second essay, Zukofsky expands on the basic tenets of Objectivist poetics, stating that in sincerity "Writing occurs which is the detail, not mirage, of seeing, of thinking with the things as they exist, and of directing them along a line of melody", and that objectification relates to "the appearance of the art form as an object". This position echoes Pound's 1918 dictum (in an essay, "A Retrospective", in which he is looking back at Imagism) "I believe in technique as the test of a man's sincerity".

More at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Objectivist_poets