More on The End of Over Eating

I have to admit, after I heard David Kessler talk about chicken wings on Here and Now the other day, all I wanted was those fake buffalo wings from Morning Star Farms. But at least they're not the real thing.

Anyway, he was back on my radio again yesterday on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, promoting his new book "The End to Overeating. " This interview was longer and more in depth, so give a listen if you are interested.

The Okinawans (Okinawa, Japan is a Blue Zone, remember) stop eating when they're 80% full. It's an interesting concept.

The other thing that helps prevent over eating is eating slowly. I knew someone who's doctor prescribed him to eat everything with chopsticks, so he could learn to slow down. His fast eating was worsening the condition of his heart somehow...Isn't that something? I've always been the slowest eater in the whole wide world. I use the magical refrigerator to preserve a manner and portions of leftover, too.

Anyhoo, happy listening and reading!