Essay "Who Was Lorine Niedecker?"

Read this today:

Because I have a headache and read it fast while watching "Secrets of the Da Vinci Code" on Discovery, I'm going to have to re-read to really digest quotes like the ones below:

"...we live and work in a reality as much evolutionary as creationist, where the poem is a fossil-like record of both individual genius and the pressures of the various histories into which we are born..."

"...the simple beauty of poetic tautology: "If I am fernal, it's fern country, then. . . ," where one can hear the infernal hovering between "I" and "fernal," the dark energy behind creative generation, the primitive self speaking within the fern, the "I" as metaphor in the ancient stroke of self-definition. We find the building of metaphor through the invention of precise verbs—"Orioled" and "owled"—poetry infused with the originary power of naming. We find the shock of honesty around which a poem resonates: "I forget my face.""