Doom Looms for Boston Globe

Here's the thing. If the Globe dies, all we're left with here is the EFFING HERALD owned by wingnut Rupert Poophead. The Herald and it's tabloid 2nd grade reading level spewfest poop all over the 1st amendment by wasting precious trees on their lame crap. If there's only the Herald here, the world will LITERALLY end. Literally.

But also, lots more than just reporters will lose their jobs. The printers, the deliverers, the sales staff, and on and on. That's why the unions are involved with the showdown - those support staff workers' unions have to make major concessions for the papEH to stay afloat. There was already buyouts of reporters & editors, followed by a round of lay-offs.

Me 'n my friends don't read the printed paper so much nowadays - mostly just Sunday. But we go to for all our local news: sports, entertainment, politcal, etc. What needs to happen, needed to happen many years ago, is a successful monetization of on-line newspapers. It's the failure of imagination and lack of foresight from company managers that lead to this crap. I hope they hurry up and fix it. I can't live with only the Herald. I can't. I simply can't.

My, my. I had no idea I had such impassioned feelings about The Boston Globe. Look at that. Four paragraphs of drivel, but I still felt compelled to write.