Bernie Williams - I'm a fan...of his MUSIC

Now that he's retired from baseball and no longer playing for the Yankees, I can indiscriminately judge Bernie Williams at his new career as a musician and the verdict: fantastico!

Mom and I both heard the same story on "Only Game", an interview with Williams, promoting his new CD. Mom was just as impressed as I was and went straight to Newbury to buy a copy.

Williams is a guitarist and plays very sweet and tender songs. Even Red Sox fan James Taylor blurbed for him on the back of the CD, complimenting Bernie as one in a million (at least): someone with extraordinary talent on the baseball field and on the guitar strings.

Here's the interview. Or go here and click on "Bernie Williams" at the bottom, if that link doesn't work for you (I think you have to have Real Audio installed.)

Here's the CD:

Hope you enjoyed the video of him playing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", too.