Why I'm Doing This

Guess what???

I'm back to my BGW. That is, my "before grief weight."

I'm not sure I've explained why it is I've started this healthier lifestyle. A few things happened. First of all, my father found out he had stage 4 lung cancer in Aug of 2006. By Nov 2007, he had died of the disease. I lived with my parents at the time.

I also switch jobs in the middle of his sickness, from 3 fairly active jobs -- one at Old Navy, one as a tutor and one in a library. All three jobs kept me moving often, walking about, never sitting for long at one place or another. Then I got a full time job in the business world as a merchandising assistant (mostly I wrote and edited copy). This involved sitting in a grey cubicle all day long for 40 hours a week, not to mention the 45- one a half hour drive to get there and back every day, sitting in gawdawful Rte 128 traffic. On top of all that, I had started graduate school.

Between the sedentary job, the sedentary grad school work (an MFA in creative writing, lots of sitting and typing and reading) and the grief of watching a family member get sicker and sicker, I started to gain weight.

Then when Dad got really sick, people came by with pie, sweets, comfort food, beer, & wine, just about every night. And that's what I'd eat, after the long day. Two Sam Adams, some pie and some baked ziti. Glass of wine, 2 chocolate chip cookies, cheese and crackers. Etc., etc.

By the time Dad had passed, the holidays came. Then I got weird stomach problems (a little like this time around, but this time around isn't as debilitating...), then I got laid off from my boring job (stress!!) and by the time everything was said and done, there was about 12 pairs of pants I no longer fit into. Pants that I really really liked, too.

So, that's why I started this healthier lifestyle, in hopes of having more energy, to find a new job and finish this last bit of school work. And to fit back into my beloved pants.

Guess what happened today? Story in the next post...