Update on today's report

I also did a lot of walking around the city today. Back Bay to work (as outlined before), work to library to T. Boston Common to stalk a dead poet.

See more about stalking the dead poet here.

Then grocery shopping, including walking home by foot.

I'd say 3.5 miles today. Very very good of me!

Just googled for a calorie buring calculator. Don't know how accurate it is but is says I burned about 160 calories from walking. That's about the amount of calories from the ricotta cheese and half piece of garlic bread (also google that)...

Progress. Onward. Etc. I'm happy to be thinking about these things, but I hope I don't end up like my British counterpart, Bridget Jones.

Bridget will not be able to recite from memory the amount of calories in everything. Heavens forbid.