Tomato Carrot Salad Recipe

Tomato Carrot Salad

2 vine ripe tomatoes, chopped
2 carrots - peeled, chop the top off, then coin shave from teh top down into thin slices
fresh parmesan - shaved off the block, about 1 oz
1 tsp evoo
1 tsp creamy parmesan dressing (Newman's is best!)
salt & pepper

Mix all ingredients in small mixing bowl and serve. It's sweet, just a little crunchy and pretty good for you.

Health tip: You know you need a little bit of fat to go with your fat-less veggies, right? Other wise you can't get all the nutrients your veggies have to offer because they go through your system too fast. There's this little "fingers" in your intestines called villus. If there isn't a smidge of fat eaten with your veggies, the villi can't pick them because they're moving too rapidly past them. That's why you're supposed to have a -little- bit of dressing with salad. The problem is that we get served two or three tablespoons of dressing, ending up with some dressing with a side of salad.