The Story of Nathaniel Ayers and Steve Lopez

NPR featured an unforgettable story back in 2005

Commentator Steve Lopez has been writing for newspapers for three decades, but one story he wrote about this past year has moved him in a way no other story has. It's the story of Nathaniel Ayers: He was once a student at Juilliard and now lives on the streets of Los Angeles.

There's also an interview with Steve Lopez from Fresh Air.

I remembered both the commentary and the interview immediately when I saw the trailer for this movie last week:

If the movie "The Soloist", starring Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr, is remotely as compelling as the reporting from Lopez, then this movie is going to be a heart-tugger, tear-jerker wonderful experience. I say I don't want to see it, simply because I am a wimpy cry-baby and I know I'll go through tissues A LA "The Notebook" or "Cold Mountain" but, yeah, I'm going to see it anyway. It looks really good.