Success success success (think Mick Jagger)

So, as I said in my last post, I was hoping to get to BGW: Before Grief Weight.

This would be anywhere between 10-20 pounds depending on the weeks between Aug 2006 and last month, when I began a concerted effort to be healthier.

Before all my troubles, I could fit into a whole bunch of great pairs of pants that I couldn't fit into nowadays.

Except, today, I pulled out a pair of pants, slipped them on and...ROOMY!!! In fact, I probably could have used a belt today! Yay! So, this is working.

I "shattered" my goal and can declare "success" (see Stones video below). But this doesn't mean I can go into a reversion of any sorts. I've got to keep this up. In that vein, next is today's report.