Pierre Joris in Orono for the New Writing Series

Here's a clip from when Pierre Joris read at the New Writing Series at UMaine when I was living up in Orono in 2006:

Pierre Joris's vast knowledge of, well, everything, is astounding. I think the highlight of this reading were Joris's poems that were all written in one 24 hour period. (I cannot remember the name he gives for this type of poem.)

This was one of my most fun nights that year, actually. I got my friend Matt to go with me, even though he was an engineering major and liked to do his physics homework in pen. Then Jennifer Moxley invited those of us in her Symbolism class to come over for a little gathering after the reading. Other alum were there for the reading, too, and came to Jennifer and Steve's house afterwards. It was there where I remarked on Pierre's raiding of Bill Cosby's sweater collection...

You can read more from Pierre Joris, with whom the country of France and I share a birthday, at his blog: