New Granola Mix - mix with milk, yogurt or eat plain

Fruit Chocolate & Coconut Granola Mix

New granola mix ingredients:

1 cup granola
2 handfuls chopped almonds
1 handful sunflower seeds
1 handful craisins
1 handful dates
1 handful raisins
smattering coarsely chopped semi-sweet choc chips
sprinkling of coconut

I have Greek Yogurt to mix it with. I also have soymilk juicebox size servings, to take to work on Saturday mornings. That way I don't have to mix with the Starbucks mocha drink, like I did the other week.

This is so good because if covers so many servings: 1 whole grain, 1 fruit, 1 nut/seed and with the milk/yogurt, 1 dairy.