Best Take Out Italian: Comella's (located around Boston, including .5 mi from my house)

Comella's of the Boston area is a local chain famous for their "messes". That is, they have a secret (vegetarian based) sauce they call a "mess" and on top of that they add all different type of ingredients: veggies, shrimp, sausage, chicken, meatball, eggplant or some combination thereof.

You can order just a plain mess (with penne pasta) or eggplant parm or stuffed shelled (my fav). There's also the old standbys like fettucine, chicken parm, etc. They have a great ravolio selection and I think next time around I'm going to try the spinach gnocchi.

And did I mention it's cheap and fast? It is. Plus the portions are generous. Yum! Especially when you don't feel like cooking because you've been cleaning your house and working on writing all day!