All about Fresh Parsley

In one of my entries, the one from Saturday, I wondered if fresh parsley could be considered a serving of a leafy green. After checking the nutrition information, I'm going to say, "yes".

1 cup of chopped fresh parsley has crazy amounts of vitamin K, carotene, vitamin C, folate (a B vitamin), vitamin A, lutein, potassium and iron -- much like eating spinach or similar.

The best thing is that parsley is usually one of the least expensive fresh herbs to buy, from $.99 to $2. It's also something you can grow at home, though I didn't have much luck last summer. I am getting better at this having house plants thing, so I might try again. We'll see.

I also posted my tuna parsley salad recipe on Saturday, in case you want a recipe to act on your new found food hero. I also have a hearty non-meat alternative to bolognese sauce that calls for about two cups chopped fresh parsley, so I'll post that soon.