Additional Supplements to diet

I have not been good about getting enough fiber in my diet, I feel. So I have researched a bit, using my new-to-me book "The Doctors Book of Home Remedies" and looking at what's in those "body cleanse" kits. I didn't want to do something as dramatic as the Whole Body Cleanse kit.

So, my new supplements are:

~ psyllium-based fiber capsule
~ milk thistle

In addition to the other ones.

Apparently, you want a psyllium based fiber capsule or powder because those ones the most nautral.

Milk thistle is good for cleansing your body, particularly your liver, of toxins from "pollution, drinking and cigarette smoke". I'm combining it with the fiber capsules for my own version of a whole body cleanse since my stomach is back to being weird like last year.

I'll let you know how things go!